Lynx DTF Speedline

Print up to 15 meters per hour with our new DTF solution!


Accurate , Quick &

Precise, fast & Reliable printing

Lynx Germany offers the Speedline printers for their printing accuracy, reliability and ease of maintenance. In combination with the RIP software from PrintFactory, which works with The devices are equipped as standard with a print speed that is suitable for any type of transfer production.

Lynx DTF N4060 / N4060-T4

Thanks to its large ink system, printing costs are particularly low and enable the production of large quantities. Thanks to Printfactory's RIP software, DTF transfer with the N4060 is easy to use and requires no special technical knowledge. The N4060 is available in two versions and is equipped with either two or four print heads. The version with 4 print heads enables print speeds of up to 15 m²/hour in production compared to 5 m² for the version with 2 print heads.

Lynx DTF T100 / T200

Two tunnels are available. The main difference between the two models is the powder feed system for the powder hot melt adhesive. The T100 Auto model requires regular operator intervention to check and refill the powder hot melt adhesive during production. The more advanced and autonomous recycling model T200 Auto is equipped with an automatic powder recycling system that requires very little operator intervention.

The tunnel is automatically supplied during the entire production process. The operator only needs to intervene to refill the tank. The T200 tunnel is also equipped with a non-stick conveyor belt that ensures better temperature stability during the curing phase of the powder hot melt adhesive on printing inks.

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