Our world is finishing - Lynx Germany

Wir bei der Lynx Deutschland GmbH sind langjährig im Bereich des digitalen Großformatdrucks, der Werbetechnik, des Textildrucks und dem industriellen Kennzeichnungs.- und Dekordrucks tätig. Egal ob bei ihnen der Druck der Kern ihres Unternehmens ist oder nur ein Teil ihrer Produktion- eine Herausforderung ist die Weiterverarbeitung von Drucken immer, den der Druckprozess geht meistens schneller als die Weiterverarbeitung. Eine effizientes Finishing und ein guter Workflow sind heute entscheidend und hierfür haben wir die Lösungen. Mit erprobten Konzepten für Ihre Anwendungen optimieren wir Ihre Prozesse, schaffen Synergien und helfen Ihnen, Zeit und Kosten zu sparen.

We supply laminators, automated cutting solutions, stacking or assembly automation, devices for fast weeding of foil, heat calenders, plate cutting machines, solutions for parting and cutting of foils, technical adhesive tapes and flexible materials of all kinds up to systems for the space-saving storage of Rolled goods. And because none of this works without good workflow software, we work closely with Printfactory, the market leader for worflow, color management and RIP software.

Together with our partners, we create the perfect solution

One of our partners is the Italian machine manufacturer Flexa, which has specialized in the development of systems for processing and finishing large-format digital prints since 1993.

The range includes more than 200 products for print service providers and sign makers, including laminators, calenders, cutting machines, welding systems for banners and tarpaulins, winding and unwinding machines, roll holders and various special solutions. 10,000 machines sold speak for the success and quality of the machines. Flexa has been UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 certified since 2001 and guarantees the highest quality standards.

Solutions for your applications

Flexa offers solutions for the processing, finishing and lamination of digital print products in small and large formats.

  • Large format signs, PVC billboards, illuminated signs and neon signs
  • Advertising displays, illuminated displays, roll-ups, banners
  • Corporate safety and workplace signs
  • Tags and labels with doming 3D effect
  • Wallpaper
  • Plexiglass and acrylic glass displays
  • Fabric printing
  • Custom made

The Danish company SIGNHACKS develops simple and revolutionary tools that enormously accelerate the process of film weeding and film processing. The range includes the two machine series Vinyl Remover VR15 in six different versions and the Transfer Weeder TW17 model for weeding flexible films for the textile market.

The semi-automatic weeding of foils on rolls saves up to 70 percent working time and is particularly effective.

The Speed Applikator for the rapid application of application tapes belongs in every company.

That is new Signmaker Table a table specially developed for the assembly and processing of foils.

SIGNHACKS solutions for your applications

The two machine series Vinyl Remover VR15 and Transfer Weeder TW17 offer efficient solutions for weeding films and flexible materials on rolls.

  • Weeding of vinyl films of all kinds (e.g. from B-Flex, Siser, SEF, Stahls, The MagicTouch)
  • Weeding of flexible foils
  • Reduction of time and costs by up to 70 percent

Application of application from application tape

With the Speed ​​Applicator you can apply transfer paper and film safely and securely.

Assembling and processing foils and prints

The newly developed Signmaking Table makes ergonomic work possible. Finally a workplace for advertising technology and everyone who works with foils and prints.


Thanks to its modular structure, our innovative stockfish shelving system offers a wide variety of storage options for your foils and utensils. Less is more! Thanks to the assembly opening, individual rods can literally be arranged in the breadboard in no time. stockfish constantly adapts to your changing, individual requirements and guarantees clear and material-friendly film storage. The various stockfish models can be mounted on the wall to save space or placed free-standing in the room, including a stand. In the case of the free-standing variant, the shelving system can be stowed under every work table to save space when installed horizontally.


coming soon

DTF Direct to Fabric Transfer-Jet

Produce textile transfers digitally in any color and economically from an edition of 1!
With this new technology, you can create transfers for your textile customers and know no restrictions in terms of the piece or the creativity of the motif.
The transfer jet, consisting of a printer and the adhesive coating unit, produces in a size of up to 650mm with water-based textile pigment ink.
This solution offers an extremely competitive technique compared to flex transfers, screen printing and DTG (direct-to-garment) printing.

  • 3-in-1 system: printing - transfer powder - fixing
  • Short production time
  • Feels very thin and is extremely stretchy
  • No more contour cutting and weeding!
  • No pre- and post-treatment process as with DTG (directly to the garment).
  • Environmentally friendly process with water-based textile pigment inks and PU transfer adhesive
  • Suitable for transferring to most textiles (cotton, polyester, ...), both dark, colored and white textiles.
  • Outstanding wash resistance: in the test. We expect at least 40 washes at 40 ° C. Also good results at 60 ° C.
  • Suitable for t-shirts, pants, vests, shoes, work clothes, ... etc.
  • Suitable for transferring to hard surfaces such as wood, metal, acrylic, ...