Large Format Laminators

We are your partner when it comes to advice and service when it comes to laminating flexible and rigid media. Hot or cold laminating in all industries and trades, whether in digital printing, screen printing, advertising technology or the glass industry – we have the solution!


Hot Laminator for Industry and Advertising Technology

Professional large-format hot laminator for lining, laminating, shrink-wrapping and processing technical adhesive tapes. The laminator is suitable for precise and high work volume. The device is equipped with 7 axes, all of which can be electronically controlled.



Cold or Hot Laminator

High-performance laminator for industrial and advertising applications. The laminator enables the laminating, covering and sealing of printed materials, application tapes and double-sided adhesive tapes. The device can laminate up to 20m/min. Freely configurable with hot or cold rolling.


EASY HOT – Single Heißlaminator - Flexa Laminator


Single Hot Laminator

Hot laminator for lamination and assembly of self-adhesive materials. Durable and robust product to achieve excellent and high quality results. Best value for money for hot lamination.


EASY 110 – Kompakter Rollenlaminator Flexa Laminator


Compact Roll Laminator

Professional compact laminator with heated top laminating roller. Suitable for laminating membrane keyboards, labels and processing application tape and many other films. Universal and durable large format laminator for advertising technology and digital printing


EASY LITE 160 – Wärmeunterstützter Rollen-Laminator Flexa


Roll Laminator

Professional laminator with heated upper laminating roller for laminating, processing and laminating self-adhesive materials. Reliable and easy-to-use device to achieve excellent and quality results. Inexpensive and professional laminator for digital printing and advertising technology.



Roll Laminator

Roller setting and roller pressure are controlled by the supplied compressor. The top roller is equipped with a thermocouple to heat the silicone roller to 60°C. This achieves a higher quality in the lamination work.



Service/maintenance/repair/sale of almost all laminators.

Seal Laminators

Seal 62 Base/Seal 62 Pro S/ SEAL 62 PRO D/ Seal Pro Series

Neschen Laminators

ColdLam 1650/HotLam 1650 TH/ HotLam 1650 DoubleH/ EcoLam 1650

Kala Laminators

Kala Mistral Pro/ Kala Arkane/ Kala Starter

Biedermann laminators

Biedermann RollLam


Emblem Easylam Laminator

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