About DTF (Direct-to-Film)

Direct to Film (DTF, also known as Digital Transfer Film or Direct Transfer Film) refers to a printing technique using inkjet printing and special inks that are printed mirror-inverted onto a specially coated film. A hot-melt adhesive is spread on the still-wet ink and gelled by heat between 115 -150° degrees. The print is then transferred to various substrates such as cotton, cotton blends, leather or even solid materials using a thermal transfer press. By using white ink as an underbase, the finishing of colored textiles is possible.

The prints are easy to transfer on a hot press. DTF offers an excellent washability up to 90° when using the right ink, hot- melt adhesives and transfer films.

About DTF and Lynx

We early started to test DTF technology to see if it could offer an alternative process compared to thermal-transfer Flex films in the filed of textile design. As DTF printers and ovens improved, we started to offer this technology to our customers in 2020. We soon learned from our DTF customers that they were using the process not only to replace flex films, but also to replace textile screen printing and DTG (Direct-to-Garment).

DTF printing is now a valuable alternative to screen printed transfers, direct textile printing with DTG- printers, Flex film and direct textile screen printing.

Lynx GmbH offers a wide range of special DTF-inks, special DTF-powders and DTF-printing films like Hot-Peel, Cold- Peel or Instant Hot-Peel films. We operate a DTF Test and Demo center where we test, wash our DTF-consumables and solution and test them under realistic conditions.

Customers can visit us in our demo centre to see and use our DTF-printers and ovens before making an investment decision.

We offer technical support for almost any DTF-printer and advice on all aspects of DTF(Direct-to-film).

Lynx DTF Speedline​

Lynx DTF Speedline N4060 / N4060-T4

Thanks to its large ink system, printing costs are particularly low and allow for high-volume production. Thanks to Printfactory’s RIP software, DTF transfer with the N4060 is easy to use and requires no special technical skills. The N4060 is available in two versions and is equipped with either two or four print heads. The version with 4 print heads enables print speeds of up to 15 m²/hour in production compared to 5 m² for the version with 2 print heads.

Lynx DTF Speedline T100 / T200

Two tunnels are available. The two models differ mainly in the powder feed system for the hot-melt powder adhesive. The T100 Auto model requires regular operator intervention to control and refill the hot melt powder adhesive during production. The more advanced and autonomous recycling model T200 Auto is equipped with an automatic powder recycling system that requires very little operator intervention.

The tunnel is automatically supplied throughout production. The
operator only needs to intervene to refill the tank. The T200 tunnel is also equipped with a non-stick conveyor belt that provides better temperature stability during the curing phase of the hot-melt powder adhesive on printing inks.

DTF Kompact 300+ / 600+

Lynx DTF compact 300+


Lynx DTF compact 600+


DTF Transfer Jet​

Transfer Jet 7002


Powder Fix 700


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