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At Lynx GmbH, we have many years of experience in the field of large-format digital printing, advertising technology, textile printing, the finishing of roll goods, and industrial labeling and decor printing. It doesn’t matter if your company’s core business is printing or if this is only part of the production chain, finishing print products remains a challenge because the printing process is usually faster than finishing or converting the prints. Efficient finishing and a good workflow are crucial today – we have the solutions for this! With proven concepts for your applications, we optimize your processes, create synergies and help you save time and costs.

We Supply

DTF Suppliers

As another division, we have established ourselves as a supplier of DTF (direct-to-film) solutions. We supply various DTF printers with drying ovens and integrated adhesive application. A DTF print is only as good as the materials used, therefore we supply all consumables like: DTF ink, DTF Hotpeel/ Coldpeel and various DTF adhesives for any kind of application – and most of it is “Made in Europe”! Our newest area are industrial flatbed and cutting solutions as well as CNC milling machines for all industries that want to cut or mill materials.

Together with Our Partners,

We Create the Perfect Solutions

For more than 12 years, the Italian machine manufacturer Flexa has been our partner. Since 1993, Flexa has specialized in the development of systems for finishing and enhancing large-format digital prints.

The range includes more than 200 products for print service providers, industry and advertising technology. These include laminators, industrial laminators, sublimation calenders, automatic XY sheet cutting machines, slitter rewinders, welding systems for banners and tarpaulins, rewinders and unwinders, roll holders and various special solutions. 10,000 machines sold speak for the success and quality of the machines.

Solutions for your Applications

Flexa offers solutions for processing, finishing and laminating digital printed products in small and large formats.


Another market leader in its segment is our newest partner, the COMAGRAV company. Comagrav is a manufacturer of professional flatbed plotters, multifunctional CNC routers and digital plotters. COMAC spol. s.r.o. from the Czech Republic has been developing and manufacturing cutting, milling and engraving solutions for almost any material, whether wood, metal or rigid and foam plastics, since 1999.

Comagrav machines are used worldwide and successfully in various industries, advertising technology, display production as well as the packaging industry. Special solutions are an important part of the program thanks to many years of experience and our own development team


With the “EWS” work and laminating station from the Swedish manufacturer Moditech Scandinavia, Lynx Germany now also offers table laminators for finishing. Patrik Johansson and Alexander Johansson are the passionate technical team behind the practical and clever work and laminating station.

Patrik is one of the world’s most experienced designers and inventors of flatbed laminators, who also founded the two well-known brands Rolls Roller and CWT.Moditech flatbed laminators have 4 generations of this equipment as experience.


The Danish company SIGNHACKS develops simple and revolutionary tools that enormously accelerate the process of film weeding and film processing. The range includes the two machine series Vinyl Remover VR15 in six different versions and the model Transfer Weeder TW17 for weeding flex films for the textile market. The semi-automatic weeding of films on rolls saves up to 70 percent of working time and is particularly effective. The Speed Applicator for rapid application of application tapes belongs in every operation. New is the Signmaker Table – a table specially developed for the assembly and processing of films.

SIGNHACKS solutions for your applications


The two machine series, Vinyl Remover VR15 and Transfer Weeder TW17, offer efficient solutions for weeding films and flex materials on rolls. Weeding of all types of vinyl films (e.g. from B-Flex, Siser, SEF, Stahls, The MagicTouch). Weeding of flexible films. Reduction of time and costs by up to 70 percent

Ergonomic working with film

The newly developed Signmaking Table makes ergonomic working possible. Finally, a workstation for signmakers and everyone who works with films and prints!

Application of application tape

Apply transfer paper and film safely with the Speed Applicator.

DTF Direct to Fabric

Produce textile transfers digitally in any color – and economically from run 1! With this new technology, you produce transfers for your textile customers and have no restrictions in either quantity or creativity of the motif. With the DTF Speedline, the Transfer Jet and the DTF Compact series, we supply a total of three different systems in up to 10 configurations! This means we have the optimum solution for every application!

These solutions offer a highly competitive technology compared to flex transfers, screen printing and DTG (direct-to-garment) printing. The products are Ökotex certified.

Partnerships to Customer Experience

Since none of this works without good workflow software, we work closely with Printfactory, the market leader for workflow, color management and RIP software. With PrintFactory we can realize the dream of networked production at several locations, if desired and reasonable, and that from prepress to finishing! But also when controlling only one printer, the strength of this complete RIP solution shows.

Whatever Your Printing Needs

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Our experience in digital large format printing, advertising technology, textile printing, industrial labeling and décor printing amongst others, makes us the perfect partner for you in any of these areas. Begin your journey with us today.

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