DTF consumables

Welcome to Lynx Germany - your expert for DTF (Direct-to-Film) consumables

High-quality DTF consumables

Welcome to Lynx Germany, your reliable partner for high quality DTF consumables. We are proud to offer a wide range of products specifically designed for DTF printing, including DTF ink, DTF adhesive powder and various DTF films such as Instant Hotpeel and Coldpeel.

Why choose DTF consumables from Lynx Germany?

1. outstanding quality: Our DTF consumables have been carefully selected and are of the highest quality to ensure that you achieve first-class printing results.

2. versatility: Whether you want to produce garments, promotional items, home decoration or other personalized products, our DTF products offer you the flexibility you need.

3. origin from Germany/Europe: At Lynx Germany, we attach great importance to products that are manufactured in Germany or Europe. This guarantee of origin stands for quality and sustainability.

4 Comprehensive tests in the test center: Before our DTF consumables reach our range, they are carefully checked and tested in our test center. This ensures that you always receive products of the highest quality.

5. Ökotex 100 certification: All our materials are Ökotex certified, which means that they meet strict environmental standards and are safe for people and the environment.


DTF ink

Discover our high-quality inks, specially developed for direct-to-film printing to ensure vivid colors and crisp details on your prints.

Why should you choose DTF inks from Lynx Germany?

1. excellent print quality: Our DTF inks are formulated to deliver first-class printing results, whether on textiles, promotional items or other products.

2. white with high opacity: Our white ink has an exceptionally high opacity and yet does not clog the nozzles during printing. The white is also suitable for machines with 4th and 5th print heads and dries quickly. The white pigment no longer settles.

3. hardly any glycol: The inks are formulated with a low glycol content and leave hardly any annoying residues.

4. wide range of applications: Our inks are suitable for various DTF applications, so you can give free rein to your creativity.

5. special colors available: Red, green, blue, orange or neon colors. We deliver our printing inks reliably from stock.

6 Reliable availability: We deliver within 24 hours in Germany and neighboring countries so that you are always supplied with the colors you need. Order high-quality DTF inks from Lynx Germany today.

DTF films

We offer a wide range of DTF films, including hot-peel and cold-peel films, in all standard widths and sheet sizes. Discover films with gold, silver, reflective and glitter effects that add an extra dimension to your prints.

Why should you choose DTF films from Lynx Germany?

1. different types: We offer both hot-peel and cold-peel films, depending on your individual requirements and preferences. Our films are anti-static to prevent adhesive build-up and their special coatings make your DTF prints washable!

2. special effects: Our DTF films offer a variety of special effects that will make your prints unique and impressive. DTF film that glows in the dark, DTF film with iridescent reflections and much more.

3. large selection of formats: Our films are available in all standard widths and panel sizes, so you can find the right option for your project.

4. quality and reliability: Our films are carefully selected and meet the highest quality standards.

5. fast delivery: We deliver within 24 hours in Germany and neighboring countries so that you can implement your creative ideas immediately. Order high-quality DTF films from Lynx Germany today. Give your prints a touch of brilliance and longevity!

DTF adhesives

Discover our wide range of adhesive powders specially developed for direct-to-film printing to ensure excellent adhesion and durability on various materials.

Why should you choose DTF adhesive powder from Lynx Germany?

1. strong adhesion: Our DTF adhesive powders offer first-class adhesion to textiles and other surfaces so that your prints last a long time.

2. versatile application: from soft touch to 90 degree washable - we offer different adhesive options to meet your individual requirements.

3. Ökotex: Our hot-melt adhesives are all Ökotex 100 certified.

4. fast delivery: We deliver within 24 hours in Germany and neighboring countries so that you can carry out your projects smoothly.

DTF helpers and cleaning agents

Welcome to our range of high quality DTF cleaning accessories. We offer a selection of products specifically designed to effectively clean and maintain your printing equipment.

1. head cleaning fluid: Our cleaning fluid is ideal for thoroughly cleaning the print heads and unclogging nozzles. It is also used for precise filling into the caps to prevent the print heads from drying out.

2. cleaning swabs: Our cleaning swabs come in two different lengths to clean even hard-to-reach areas and ensure comprehensive cleaning.

3. cleaning cloths: Our high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for gently cleaning your printer or print heads.

Discover our range and get the accessories you need to keep your printing equipment in top condition.

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